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The important role that food vacuum bags play!

Vacuum bags are called decompression vacuum packaging and are based on the principle of atmospheric pressure. The main function of food vacuum bags is oxygen to help prevent food from spoiling or spoiling. Vacuum packaging is a microbial process in which food is packaged and deprived of oxygen by pumping within the cells, so in the “living environment”. Vacuum food can prevent oxidation, food is not tasty, spoilage uces the loss of vitamins A and C. Food vacuum bags can play an important role in ucing risk for safe transportation. Bags can also avoid food to other goods. It is possible to uce the amount of food that can be stolen from food packaging. Some food packaging is strong, with anti-counterfeiting marks, the role is to protect the loss of business interests. Bags can have laser marking, special colors, message authentication labels. Other retailers come to prevent theft by degaussing food bags in electronic surveillance labels, such as consumer shopping outlets. At present, China’s food quality and food safety market access system has implemented three batches of 28 types of food. Therefore, the food vacuum bag has good anti-static and electrostatic shielding properties, and its appearance is silver-gray, translucent, and can see through the packaged objects. It can be produced in the form of flat pocket, zipper bag, organ bag, three-dimensional bag, etc. Widely used in the packaging of computer motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards and other static-sensitive electronic products. food bags, food packaging bags

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