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The key points of food packaging bag production

1. Understand the characteristics of the food itself and determine the protection conditions requi for it. Before making plastic food packaging bags, you should first understand the main components, characteristics of the food and the possible internal reactions during processing, storage, transportation and circulation, including non-biological intrinsic Biochemical reaction and biological spoilage reaction mechanism, and secondly, the sensitive factors that affect the main ingients in food, especially nutrients such as fat, protein, and vitamins, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganisms, physics, mechanics, etc. should be studied. influencing factors. Only by mastering the biological factors of the packaged food and determining the requi protection conditions can the correct selection of packaging materials and packaging technology be made. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags According to the protection requirements of food packaging, select packaging materials that can protect the flavor and quality of food, reflect its commodity value, and make the comprehensive packaging cost reasonable. For example, high temperature sterilized food should be packaged with high temperature resistant packaging materials, while low temperature refrigerated food should be packaged with low temperature resistant materials.

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