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The main application areas of transparent vacuum packaging bags

Recently, we have been talking about the detailed application of vacuum packaging bags, etc. Today, we will talk about the main application areas of transparent vacuum packaging bags. Because of its good stretchability and high transparency, transparent vacuum packaging bags are mostly used in the food field, and play an indispensable role in the storage and preservation of food. The transparent vacuum packaging bags in daily life are mostly the vacuum rice packaging that is common on the counter, which not only improves the grade but also facilitates the storage of products. Transparent vacuum rice packaging is generally fully transparent, which can clearly see the products in the packaging, which is conducive to improving customers’ desire to buy. Transparent vacuum packaging bags are generally used for food packaging. Because of their stretch, thickness, transparency and other reasons, they have a good protective effect on the quality of food, and meat products have a good preservation effect. Braised chicken, sausage, ham, roast duck, marinated food, etc. are relatively common products that use transparent vacuum packaging bags. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags and transparent packaging bags can be fully transparent and translucent packaging according to customer needs. Translucent means that some product information needs to be printed on the packaging. Printing transparent vacuum bags are mostly used for outer packaging, and completely transparent vacuum packaging bags are mostly used for inner packaging of products.

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