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The main function of vacuum packaging bags?

The main function of vacuum packaging bags is to deoxygenate, which is beneficial to avoid food spoilage. The principle is relatively simple, because food mildew and spoilage are mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and the survival of most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) is necessary. Oxygen, and vacuum packaging bags use this principle to extract oxygen in food packaging bags and food cells, so that micro-materials lose the “survival environment”. Food packaging bag packaging products have the characteristics of light weight and unbreakable. The texture of plastic itself is very light, so the weight of the packaging products made of it is very light, and it is suitable for products that need to reduce its own weight. Of course, packaging products also have a great advantage that they are not brittle. When choosing glass products or ceramic products, the phenomenon of broken often occurs, but the use of packaging products can effectively avoid this situation. These two advantages of packaging products become the best choice for home travel. More packaging bags Knowledge,

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