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The packaging is not distinctive, Chaoyang Nuts is difficult to sell in Shenyang – Nuts packaging bag

Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Shenyang, wanted to buy some Chaoyang Nuts to try it out, but she went to the fruit supermarket near her home and found no sign of Chaoyang Nuts. Food bags, food packaging bags The reporter visited more than 20 fruit stores and fruit supermarkets in Shenyang. Most of the fresh Nutss on sale are winter Nutss from Hebei and chicken heart Nutss from Shanxi. Only two fruit supermarkets sell authentic Chaoyang Nutss. Retail The price is 8 yuan/catties. “This year’s winter Nutss and chicken heart Nutss are specially equipped with special gift boxes with the origin logo, and they are packaged according to the size of the Nutss. Gift giving is face-saving and more convenient.” The person in charge of a fruit supermarket said that large and small Chaoyang Nutss are mostly mixed together for wholesale. , and there is no special packaging gift box, there is no competitive advantage in the holiday fruit gift market. The reporter learned from the Sunjiawan Nuts Association of Chaoyang City that the wholesale price of Nutss in the origin is about 3 yuan/catties. It is estimated that a large number of Chaoyang Nutss will enter the Shenyang market around “November”. This year, the producing area of Chaoyang Nuts will also consider making some special gift boxes for local characteristic agricultural products to enhance competitiveness. [Nuts packaging bag]

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