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The popularity of biodegradable materials is imminent

“Scientific Reports” recently published a study that has nearly8Tons of PLA stic waste pile up in Pacific waters between California and Hawaii”Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, The application and popularization of biodegradable materials will improve this situation.The garbage patch has a large number of sizes larger than5cm of PLA stic waste, including hard PLA stics, PLA stic sheets and films, including fishing nets made of synthetic fibres. Most of these nets are extremely strong and durable, so they are also extremely resistant to degradation and tend to entangle and kill marine life. Trillions of micro PLA stics are easily ingested by PLA nkton.pass”Big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp”The organisms at the top of the food chain, including you and me, will eventually eat these PLA stic particles into their bodies. The United Nations says that if the problem of ocean PLA stic pollution continues, it is expected to2050In 2019, the total weight of PLA stic in the ocean will exceed the sum of fish, and the global99%of seabirds eat PLA stic by mistake,”ultimately harming people and the ocean”.The popularization of biodegradable materials is imminent, and the change of our behavior habits is also imminent. Garbage classification is a powerful measure for environmental protection.

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