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The production process and technology of food vacuum bag!

At present, most of the food vacuum bags in the world are manufactu by dry compounding method, and a few can also be manufactu by solvent-free compounding method or co-extrusion compounding method. The quality of dry compounding is higher than that of solvent-free compounding, and the arrangement and combination of materials are more reasonable and extensive than co-extrusion compounding, and it is more reliable to use. In China, 100% of the vacuum packaging bags are manufactu by the dry compound method, so only the dry compound manufacturing process is discussed here. 1. Determine which substrate to use, how to combine, and which ink and adhesive to use according to the final use of the vacuum packaging bag. The so-called end use refers to what kind of food the bag is mainly used for, and what is the weight of the package. After packaging, the high temperature (121 degrees, 128 degrees, and 140 degrees in high-temperature cooking bags) is requi to make the packaging bags have a reasonable price/performance ratio. Therefore, it is very important to understand the end use. 2. Determine the process parameters. After determining the base material and auxiliary materials, consider these, and then you can place an order for the workshop to produce. As the technical management and operation personnel of workshop production, we must strictly follow the requirements of the process sheet to lead the department and prepare materials, and make no mistake. During the specific operation, the process parameters of the process sheet should be followed, including the number of lines and dot depth of the rubber coating roller, the concentration of the operating glue, the temperature of each heating section of the drying tunnel, the size of the exhaust air volume of the blast quantum port, and the start-up speed. There are also control of unwinding tension, drying tunnel tension, winding tension, surface temperature of composite steel roll and composite pressure, etc. Among the above process parameters, the requirements for the amount of glue (usually 4~5g/m2) and the amount of residual solvent (the national standard is less than 10mg/m2, the internal control of the enterprise is preferably less than 3mg/m2), it is necessary to do a good job of vacuum packaging bags The key to intrinsic quality must be taken seriously. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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