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The promotion and popularization of biodegradable PLA stics requires the participation of the whole society

Everyone should be aware of environmental protection and reduce the use of non-degradable PLA stic products in daily life, especially disposable PLA stic products. For example, it is forbidden to use non-degradable PLA stic bags, biodegradable PLA stic bags or environmental protection bags (paper bags, cloth bags, bamboo baskets, etc.).Use less or no non-degradable PLA stic garbage bags, use garbage cans (which can be used repeatedly), etc., and no longer use disposable lunch boxes. At present, most lunch boxes are foamedP.S.Produced, extremely unhygienic——It is carcinogenic and extremely environmentally unfriendly, producing a lot of PLA stic waste.PPDisposable lunch boxes are difficult to promote due to their high cost.At present, Europe has begun to promote biodegradable PLA stics, but the disadvantage is high cost. The use of biodegradable PLA stics is a trend. Consumers are required to have a high degree of environmental awareness and accept biodegradable PLA stic products with slightly higher prices.From the source, manufacturers should use as little non-degradable PLA stic as possible and use other alternative materials such as biodegradable PLA stic.The current non-degradable PLA stic, as long as the manufacturer produces it, is a kind of harm to the earth, and it will not degrade for hundreds of years. Many additives added to non-degradable PLA stics are harmful to the human body and the environment. So reducing non-degradable PLA stic waste is everyone’s responsibility. It is also a long-term global common cause. Although it will harm the interests of many consortiums, chemical companies, PLA stics and other product production and distribution companies. So on the whole. How to reduce non-degradable PLA stic waste is a cause that needs to be jointly maintained by everyone, every company, and every country from every day, every event, and from the perspective of legislation.

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