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The purpose of food packaging bag printing

Food packaging bag printing can expand product sales, transmit product information and protect the packaging surface. It includes the printing, coating, embossing and other decoration processing of food packaging bags. Packaging printing has both online and offline processing forms.Food packaging bag printing is often closely related to the anti-counterfeiting of packaging products. Drug counterfeiting, cosmetic counterfeiting and audio and video counterfeiting have always been problems faced by product packaging. New printing methods such as holographic images, microcharacters, smart labels and UV inks are all new printing technologies used to protect packaging and packaged products.Food packaging bag printing must also be able to promote corporate image, distinguish products, manufacturers or sellers. Most packaging is required by laws and regulations to meet certain information disclosure or label printing requirements. Therefore, the printing and processing of food packaging bags includes the following functions: 1, to achieve eye-catching beautiful images; 2to play the role of corporate image publicity and corporate identification; 3, to be able to effectively identify the package contents or product information; 4, some statutory requirements related to the contents of the package; 5, some statutory requirements related to the disposal of packaging waste; 6, The packaging content can be fully expressed through color, text and appearance graphics; 7, Reflect product price, batch number and stock location through barcodes and smart labels. and other relevant information such as destination.More food packaging bags

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