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The reasons for leakage of soft packaging products

The reasons for leakage of soft packaging products

Leakage of packaging products generally have two kinds: one kind is the result of the design and the reason of the structure itself inevitably leak, the leak by changing the design and structure of the packaging products to solve problems;Another kind is due to the packaging products produced in the process of manufacturing, transportation and other defects caused by the leakage and the leakage under the condition of without changing the structure and design, can be solved by adjusting.Determine whether there is a leak in a packaging products, as well as to determine the position of leakage, for packaging engineering is very important. 

From the point of testing methods, packaging products leakage in general is given priority to with qualitative, the testing purpose is mostly packaging products in the production of packaging materials, packaging products molding, filling, heat sealing, sterilization, and in the process of storage, transportation, sales whether there are defects caused by product leakage. 

Caused by the defect of product leakage generally has two kinds: wear and seal leakage.Wear refers to the packaging materials from external extrusion pressure and forming a through hole or crack, the reason in general are: 

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1, heat sealing pressure is too big.In the process of heat sealing, if heat sealing pressure or heat sealing mould not parallel, local pressure is too large, often wear some fragile packaging materials. 

2, heat sealing die rough, angular, or foreign bodies.Make poor heat sealing packaging materials, new mould will usually crushed some heat sealing mould after bruised produce sharp edges, also easy to wear packaging materials.     

3, the thickness of the packing material choice is wrong.Some packaging machinery for the thickness of the packaging material requirements, if the thickness is too big, the certain position of the packet may wear.Such as pillow packaging machine, the thickness of packaging materials in general should not more than 60 mic, if the packing material is too thick, pillow type fillers at the sealed area are easy to break. 

4, packaging materials in the right structure choice.Some packaging material its compressive wear performance is poor, can’t be used for packing something harder angular, such as paper aluminum-plastic laminated materials used for packing grain granule, it is easy to cause pressure to wear. 

5, mold design, improper packaging.In the design process, jorge sealing membrane of die hole is inconsistent with the shape and size of the packaging and the packaging material mechanical strength and different, in the packaging process is also easy to wear or fracturing packaging materials. 

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