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The role of deoxidizer in Nuts packaging bags

Nutss are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin P, trace calcium, various amino acids and other rich nutrients. During the circulation process, ordinary packaged Nutss are affected by air moisture, oxidation, temperature Under the influence of other factors, the oxidizable nutrients are oxidized and browned. After the nutrients are oxidized, they will not only lose their own nutritional effect, but will oxidize to generate some harmful small molecular substances; Good taste, and it contains polysaccharides that are easy to absorb moisture, and mildew will appear when it is damp during storage. Deoxidizers for Nutss packaging bags can solve these problems. Deoxidizer is a kind of preservative that is sealed and packaged together with food. Because its ingients are non-toxic, harmless to human body, and not directly added to food, it is safer to use deoxidizer packaging. The fresh-keeping principle of the deoxidizer is to use the oxidation reaction of uced iron powder to uce the oxygen in the package to less than 0.3% in a short time, so that the food is in a low oxygen state for a long time, and effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic microorganisms and aerobic reactions. To maintain the color and aroma of food, so as to achieve the purpose of food preservation. To ensure that Nutss are packaged with deoxidizers to achieve the expected fresh-keeping purpose, several aspects are requi: (1) The selected deoxidizers should be of stable quality, and appropriate models should be selected according to the size of the Nuts packaging; (2) Oxygen permeability should be selected. Relatively low packaging bags, such as KOP/CPP, KPET/CPP, NY/PE or PET aluminized composite films, etc., low oxygen permeability packaging bags can ensure the continuous action of the deoxidizer and maintain a relatively anaerobic state in the packaging for a long time ; (3) The packaging and sealing should be tight, and there should be no air leakage; (4) In the process of using the deoxidizer, it is necessary to avoid the deoxidizer being exposed for too long to avoid product failure. food bags, food packaging bags

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