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The role of food aluminum foil bags in today’s society

At present, the aluminum foil bag packaging we are talking about generally refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, also known as pure aluminum bags. The excellent characteristics of aluminum foil bags have given new blood to the packaging industry and a better packaging experience for people.The excellent properties of aluminum foil bags include:Strong air barrier performance, limited to prevent oxidation, but also waterproof and moisture-proof, which can well ensure that the food in the bag is not damp or deteriorated;Strong mechanical properties, high performance in blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance;High temperature resistance (121℃), low temperature resistance (-50℃), oil resistance, and the aroma retention of food is also very good;Non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and hygienic, in line with the hygienic standards for food and drug packaging in my country;Good flexibility, good heat sealing performance, good barrier performance, suitable for food preservation.It is with the advantages of so many aluminum foil bags above that the use of aluminum foil bags is very wide.In the packaging of various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products, etc.;In food packaging, such as pesticide packaging bags, washing powder packaging bags, bread packaging bags, health care product packaging bags, etc. The high-barrier aluminum foil bag meets the needs of high-oxygen and oil-barrier properties of fatty foods. It not only protects the food, but also reduces the amount of plastic used when packaging the same amount of food.The benefits of aluminum foil bags to people make it popular in the packaging industry—“Always keep aluminum foil bags at home, so you don’t have to worry about food preservation”. However, with the strengthening of people’s environmental protection concept, aluminum foil bags should pay more attention to the development of environmental protection.

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