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The role of plastic food packaging bags!

The role of plastic food packaging bags: 1. Physical protection Food stored in food packaging bags needs to avoid extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference and other phenomena. 2. Shell protection The shell can separate the food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., and anti-leakage is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging or de-airing of packaging bags is also the main method of food packaging. Keeping food clean, fresh and safe within the shelf life is the primary function of the bag. 3. Packing into the same package Packing small items of the same type into one package is a good way to save space. Powders and granular objects need to be encapsulated. 4. Communicating Information Packaging and labelling tell people how the packaging or food is used, transported, recycled or disposed of. 5. Marketing Marketing often uses box labels to encourage potential buyers to purchase an item. Packaging design has been a pivotal and ever-changing phenomenon for decades. Marketing communications and graphic design are applied to the outer box and (for a few reasons) to the highlights of the sales display. 6. Security Packaging can play an important role in reducing transport security risks. Bags can also prevent food from being included in other commodities. Food packaging also reduces the chance of food being stolen. Some food packaging is very strong and has anti-counterfeiting labels, which are used to protect the interests of merchants from losses. The packaging bag can have labels such as laser logo, special color, SMS authentication and so on. In addition, in order to prevent theft, retailers put electronic monitoring labels on food packaging bags, and wait for consumers to take them to the outlet of the store to demagnetize. 7. Convenience Packages may be provided to facilitate addition, handling, stacking, display, sale, opening, repacking, use and reuse. 8. Partial control A single package helps to precisely control the overall situation. For example, the amount of salt in the package can be known. It also makes it easier to calculate near-term sales, such as milk bottles being delivered and recycled by dairy companies, rather than being filled by consumers themselves. [Plastic bag] food bag, food packaging bag

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