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The secret that tea bag aluminum foil vacuum small packaging bags has to say

When it comes to tea bags, everyone knows that Anxi is the most famous one, but when it comes to the packaging bags of tea bags, how to pack them better? Have you thought about it? Yes, this is exactly the question that tea farmers and tea bag manufacturers urgently need to know? I don’t know if you have noticed any changes in the market. In the past, everyone liked to use cans, bottles, etc. to hold tea, but unfortunately, it was good to drink at that time, but after a while, tea bags no longer tasted like that. Fragrant? What’s going on? The key point: the sealing effect is not good, it is damp, and the original fragrance of the tea bag is gone. So how to solve this problem? By the way, it is a small aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag, which has a good shading and sealing effect, which can ensure that the tea is not easily damp and smelly. And the small package is 5-10 grams, and it is good to soak one package at a time, which is convenient and fast, and it is also good for storage. In addition, on the outer casing of the tea packaging, more intimate improvements have been made to the brewing instructions and brand introduction of the product. The new packaging of many tea companies introduces in detail the information that tea should be steeped for a few seconds in the first brew, a few seconds in the second brew, and a few seconds after that. This is a good guide for young people who don’t know how to make tea, and it is also convenient for carrying it around. YLTpacking is a professional manufacturer of tea bags. The company has more than 17 years of flexible packaging production experience, rich experience and professional and technical personnel, and can customize tea bags and tea packaging bags for customers according to different requirements.

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