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The solution to the leakage of vacuum packaging bags?

Everyone knows the role of vacuum packaging bags, but not every vacuum packaging bag can pack food, that is to say, different foods need vacuum packaging bags of different materials. If the vacuum packaging bag leaks, it will lose its protective effect on food. So how do we solve the problem of air leakage in the vacuum packaging bag? Today YLTpacking company tells you the solution to the leakage of vacuum packaging bags! 1. Improve the quality of staff Improve the quality of staff and strengthen the awareness of quality control, establish a comprehensive quality management system, actively implement quality control activities, and give full play to the subjective initiative of staff. Improper operation of the staff will increase the contamination of the food and cause the bag to rise. 2. Control the initial microorganisms of the raw materials. Minimize the degree of contamination of raw materials as much as possible, strictly select raw materials, and avoid using the principle of contaminated deterioration, so as to avoid product deterioration due to excessive microbial residues, resulting in bag swelling. 3. Control each processing procedure The raw material processing procedure should be closely coordinated, the shorter the time of transfer and connection, the better, and the processing time, processing temperature and pickling time should have operating standards to ensure the production of qualified products. On the other hand, from the product cleaning The time from disinfection to semi-finished products should be shortened as much as possible to reduce microbial contamination. Otherwise, bacterial residues and breeding are likely to occur, resulting in the phenomenon of bag swelling. 4. Ensure timely sterilization after vacuum sealing to ensure timely sterilization of products after vacuum sealing, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of goods, strictly abide by the operating procedures of the sterilization process, improve the control, maintenance, and quality inspection skills of operators to avoid secondary pollution of finished products ; Regularly check the operation performance of the sterilizer, and the sterilizer with functional problems should be discarded, or the reasons should be strictly corrected. 5. Check that the high temperature sterilization time and temperature sterilization time are not enough, the temperature does not meet the standard and the temperature is uneven, which is easy to cause microorganisms to remain and breed. As a result, microorganisms can decompose the organic matter of food to produce gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. If there is gas in the vacuum bag, the problem of bag expansion will occur. At present, most of the bag expansion problems in our food industry are related to the uneven sterilization temperature. Therefore, be sure to check whether the temperature meets the standard before processing and production, and check the thermometer frequently. The sterilization process must control the time, improve the quality of the staff, and do not artificially shorten the sterilization time in order to improve work efficiency. Uneven sterilization temperatures require changes in how the equipment is used or modifications to the equipment. 6. Production workshop hygiene control, temperature and humidity control The topic of production workshop hygiene control, temperature and humidity control will be discussed next time. My opinion is that if you don’t have air purifying equipment, try to use an exhaust fan to circulate the air.

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