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The specific requirements of customers of composite packaging bags

Almost every order of composite packaging bag products is a special product. The biggest influence on its design is whether the user has a comprehensive understanding of the function of the packaging bag, otherwise it is impossible to design a reasonable structure. The following factors should be considered in the design.① Requirements for the contents of the packaging bag. Such as: food considerations. Food ingredients, sour, salty, spicy, fragrant, etc.Food category, dry and solid food, such as biscuits, potato chips; powder and flake food, such as milk powder, oatmeal; liquid food, such as beverage, fresh milk; pickles, preserved fruit food, meat. Whether the content has bone spurs, shelf life requirements, etc.② Requirements for filling packaging bags. Filling and sealing methods, automatic, manual, speed, filling temperature; gas in the bag, vacuum, expansion; additives in the bag, deoxidizer, desiccant; packaging form, two-side sealing bag, three-side sealing bag, back-sealing bag, Folding back sealing bag, three-dimensional bag, folding three-dimensional bag, fuse bag, bottom bag, zipper bag, special bag shape.③ Handling requirements after packaging. Sterilization method, normal temperature bag, pasteurization, boiled bag, high temperature cooking bag, ultra-high temperature cooking bag, sterilization time, sterilization temperature.④ Circulation display requirements. Transportation means, cars, trains, ships, planes; circulation display temperature, freezing, refrigeration, normal temperature; display methods, unilateral, stacking, hanging.⑤ Additional functions. Easy to open, easy to pour, anti-counterfeiting, antibacterial.⑥ Appearance creative requirements. Transparency, don’t, want (high, low, general); texture, metallic, paper, soft, rigid; surface gloss, matte, strong gloss.⑦ Composite process requirements. Dry lamination, wet lamination, solvent-free lamination, extrusion lamination, hot melt lamination⑧ The economy of composite materials, in the case of achieving performance, try to use economical materials and economical thicknesses.In actual operation, all matters should be recorded by the business personnel and handed over to the designer. For the convenience of operation and not omission, the form of the packaging requirement record sheet can be used.

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