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The technological process of vacuum bag!

Generally, the successful production of vacuum bags needs to go through the steps of planning, design, printing, compounding, curing, slitting, bag making, and finished products. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. Plan: It is to make a detailed plan before the production of vacuum bags, taking into account the characteristics of the food packaged in the vacuum bags produced, the size of the packaging bags, functional characteristics, pattern, color, text, etc.; 2 .Design: Design the pattern, text, size, function, etc. of the packaging bag according to the plan requirements and make a plate; 3. Printing: The original text, pattern, photo, etc. are processed by plate making, ink application, pressure, etc., so that the ink is transferred to the selected On the surface of the packaging material, copy the contents of the original in batches; 4. Compounding: Combine various materials together through dry compounding, so that the compounded packaging material has the characteristics of various materials; 5. Curing: Combine the compounded packaging materials Put it into the curing room, and through curing, the main agent and the curing agent are fully reflected under certain time and conditions to achieve the best composite effect; 6. Slitting: separate and cut the composite packaging materials according to actual needs; 7. Manufacturing Bag: The cut packaging material is made into the required packaging bag on the bag making machine; 8. Quality inspection: Check whether the production packaging bag has any quality or other problems; 9. Finished product: The packaging of qualified quality through strict inspection bag. [Foil bag]

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