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The use of food packaging bags

my country’s plastic packaging industry needs to be integrated. Through enterprise alliances, acquisitions, mergers and other means, some large enterprises and joint enterprises are formed, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry..The packaging bag is an integral part of the commodity. It is divided into several points:1.Stimulation function.Product packaging is an integral part of the product, and it is the first part consumers see when purchasing a product.Therefore, the packaging bag of the product has a close relationship with the image of the product in the minds of consumers..Unique, novel and exquisite packaging can arouse the strong interest of consumers and stimulate consumers’ purchasing interest and desire .2.Publicity function.The color on the packaging and the introduction of the manufacturer, instructions for use and other relevant information constitute a form of commodity advertising, which plays a role in promoting the image of the product, which is convenient for consumers to compare, choose and buy. .3.enjoy features.Exquisitely designed packaging bags with a sense of the times and artistic charm not only highlight the value of the goods,And beautify the goods, improve the appearance value of the goods, and give consumers a sense of beauty and enjoyment.Some consumers with strong aesthetic concepts tend to buy products because of the attractive packaging.


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