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The whitening phenomenon of the mask packaging bag!

In fact, the whitening phenomenon of the mask packaging bag refers to the phenomenon that the ink film becomes white, which can be divided into two types: solvent whitening phenomenon and resin whitening phenomenon. According to the mask packaging bag manufacturers, there are mainly two kinds of whitening phenomena: 1. Solvent whitening. This whitening phenomenon is more common in alcohol-based inks. When the humidity is high, due to the latent heat of evaporation of the solvent, the vicinity of the printing ink film will be cooled, so that water droplets are mixed into it, causing the printing ink to whiten. Of course, this phenomenon is more likely to occur when a solvent with a high latent heat of evaporation is used. 2. Resin whitening. When the solvent balance in the ink is poor, the real solvent volatilizes first, and when the dilution remains in the ink, the resin in the ink will precipitate and precipitate, causing whitening. food bags, food packaging bags

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