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There are safety hazards in aluminum foil packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags

With the improvement of people’s living standards, food safety has become a hot spot of social concern. How can we ensure food safety? How can we uce or eliminate incidents like waste oil and clenbuterol? In order to ensure food safety, the government has continuously strengthened spot checks and supervision of food safety, and at the same time has increased penalties for behaviors that endanger food safety; The construction of safe food bases also tries to eliminate hidden food safety hazards from the source; there are also high-end instruments to help detect food pesticide residues and other substances that endanger food safety. Even so, food can hardly be said to be absolutely safe. [Aluminum foil packaging bag] As we all know, most of Chinese food is packaged in plastic, even the expensive aviation food is no exception. Plastic packaging has become an important factor affecting food safety. However, according to industry insiders, China’s plastic packaging industry is still in a stage of large and small enterprises with uneven levels. In order to uce production costs, some food manufacturers use a large number of cheap plastic packaging materials made by informal manufacturers. The harmful substances contained are easily released when exposed to heat or grease, especially for infants and young children. In recent years, food safety incidents caused by poor-quality plastic packaging have emerged one after another. For example, last year’s sensational Zhejiang Wufangzhai zongzi case was caused by the use of plastic packaging with poor air permeability; and in October last year, the Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a special project on the quality of food plastic packaging products in the circulation field in Fujian Province. During the supervision and random inspection, it was also found that many plastic packaging container enterprises had unqualified products. Plastic packaging has become a major hidden danger on the road of food safety. But in the world of plastic food packaging, there are not only thorns, but also flowers. Toxic plastic packaging will bring hidden dangers to food safety, but qualified plastic packaging can play a good role in dust prevention and preservation, which is why our life cannot be separated from plastic packaging, so choose safe and reliable plastic packaging for products business is very necessary. food bags, food packaging bags


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