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Three methods for judging a high-quality aluminum foil bag

Requirements for quality of aluminum foil bag 1. Appearance, the aluminum plated surface should be clean, bright, flat, without lamination, crack indentation. No corrosion marks and rough surfaces left by burning oil. 2. Degreasing degree. The oil contamination level of aluminum foil bags for composite packaging shall be Grade AB. The test method is as follows: place the uncontaminated and broken aluminum foil sample on a 45 degree supporting plate, and drop the test solution on both sides and the middle of the sample. If the sample is not bead shaped but flattened, it will meet the standard of this grade. A: Test B with distilled water: test with distilled water containing 10% alcohol. 3. Pinhole: theoretically. Aluminum foil is a completely barrier material, but due to its own defects, calendering process, dust in the air of the processing workshop and other factors, aluminum foil will cause pinholes, which will affect its moisture resistance and gas resistance. Therefore, the barrier of aluminum foil depends on the pinhole size in unit area, and pinhole is an important indicator of aluminum foil quality.

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