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Too thin plastic bag of toy products may lead to potential safety hazards

The Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has detected that 7 batches of exported toys have insufficient thickness of packaging film. Toys packed in plastic bags, if used in thinner plastic bags and with a large enough area, are likely to be absorbed on children’s faces and cause asphyxia. At present, both at home and abroad have strict regulations on the packaging film used for toys. For example, relevant EU regulations require that the opening perimeter of toy packaging bags is more than 380mm, the average thickness of plastic films for internal and external packaging and bags made of soft plastic should not be less than 0.038mm; The relevant regulations of the United States require that the average thickness of plastic film bags and plastic films must be more than 0.03810mm, and the actual thickness of each measurement shall not be less than 0.03175mm. If the average thickness of the film is less than 0.03810mm, it is required to have no less than 1% holes within the range of 30mmX30mm. Through analysis, the main reasons for the insufficient thickness of toy packaging bag film are: on the one hand, toy manufacturers ignore the quality of packaging film because it often does not have play function and is not part of the main body of toys, or only express the relevant warning words without conducting safety inspection, they do not strictly control the selection of packaging film material manufacturers, and they do not check and accept the raw and auxiliary materials of packaging film according to the standards of the importing country; On the other hand, the toy manufacturers did not deeply understand and timely update the requirements of the importing country’s toy standards on packaging film, and the provisions of the enterprise’s feeding operation instructions and the accuracy of the testing instruments used were 0.01mm, which did not meet the standard requirements of 0.001 mm, so they could not check according to the limit values required by the standard, and the incoming inspection was a virtual reality. To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant toy manufacturers that: first, they should pay close attention to the requirements of mandatory quality and safety standards, improve risk awareness, test production in strict accordance with the standards, and eliminate potential safety hazards; Second, we should strengthen the sense of responsibility, select qualified toy bag suppliers, and strengthen the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials.

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