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Treatment of bubbles in the process of flexible packaging bag making

During the printing process, a large number of bubbles appeared in the ink tray, which were attached to the plate, and the bubbles burst when they ran to the scraper, so that the dots of the pictures and texts disappeared, and the water marks of the pictures and texts were missing or the blank spaces were polluted.cause of issue: 1, The surface tension of the ink is too large, and the viscosity of the ink is not suitable. 2, The ink circulation system is deficient, the fluidity is not good, the air is sucked in, the ink drop is too large, and the impact causes air bubbles. 3, On the printing press with direct ink supply, the magnetic stirring rod is bent, jumping in the ink tray, causing a large number of air bubbles.Solution: 1, to maintain the appropriate viscosity of the ink. 2. The ink circulation device should be kept in good condition, the air should not be inhaled in the circuit, the ink drop should not be too large, reduce the impact, and reduce the ink flow if necessary. 3, Contact the ink manufacturer and add a special defoamer, but too much defoamer will adversely affect the properties of the ink. Improper use will cause bubbles, so it should not be abused.

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