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Trustworthy color printing vacuum packaging bag manufacturers

According to customer product requirements and technical requirements, the types and styles of vacuum packaging bags have different classifications and characteristics. Aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags General vacuum packaging requirements are classified into ordinary vacuum, high temperature resistant boiled vacuum, cooking, aluminum foil bags, packaging bags are divided into three-side sealing, back sealing, organ bag. Printing types are divided into ordinary printing, multi-layer composite printing, and no printing. Food packaging bags, tea packaging bags When food suppliers choose vacuum packaging products, they choose some products with beautiful printing and attractive appearance, but they are also worried about the color difference and fading of the bags. The most important thing is to avoid contaminating their own products. Why does this phenomenon not occur in color printing vacuum bags for food bags and packaging bags, because the material itself is food-grade and meets national standards, and the ink has passed various standard tests. The manufacturing process first prints a layer of plastic film, and then laminates another layer or Multiple layers together, in the process, the compound solvent sandwiches the side with the printed pattern between two or more layers to avoid the phenomenon of daily color shedding, and after high temperature sterilization at 121 degrees or 130 degrees and low temperatures of minus 20 degrees, the color will not fade. Customers can buy vacuum bag products with complete confidence and will not cause any negative impact on food safety. Composite packaging bag

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