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Two reasons for the rapid development of aluminum foil packaging bags

When it comes to the flexible packaging industry, the first thing that comes to mind is the aluminum foil packaging bag. In recent years, the rapid development of the food industry has promoted the development of the flexible packaging industry, among which aluminum foil packaging bags are the fastest growing.The earliest production of aluminum foil in China was in1932year. it’s just in20It was gradually developed at the beginning of the century. In the early days of the development of aluminum foil packaging bags, the price of the packaging bags was also quite expensive, and they were only used for high-end packaging. With the recent development of the food industry, aluminum foil bags have become more and more common.The development of aluminum foil packaging bags is basically in sync with the development of the entire industry. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil packaging bags develop faster, mainly for two reasons :First of all, there is a clear gap between the development of China’s flexible packaging market and developed countries. The proportion of flexible packaging for daily consumer goods and food is very small, and developed countries account for65%, about more than70%. while China accounts for about15%, the proportion has increased rapidly in the past two years ;Secondly, the domestic technology of aluminum-plastic composite materials and aluminum-paper composite materials continues to mature, which reduces production costs and promotes the promotion and application of aluminum-based composite materials in the Chinese packaging bag market.

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