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Types and specifications of food packaging bags

Here is a unified introduction to some questions about the types and sizes of food packaging bags. It is stated that this is only a generalization, and the detailed material of food packaging bags must be based on the actual situation. 1. About the model of food packaging bags: plastic films of different materials are combined to form different models. Generally, the main raw materials are BOPP\CPP\PET\PA\PVC\aluminum foil\pearl film\PE, of which BOPP can be combined with CPP is compounded together (can be used for general food, and can play a simple packaging effect), PET/CPP (higher brightness, crisper material, more choice for noodle food packaging bags), PET\PA\PE (can be square Puncture, high temperature resistance of 121 degrees), BOPP/PET (widely used, hard material), PA/PE (most vacuum bags choose this model, can be boiled but not too high temperature can prolong the shelf life of food), aluminum foil/PET/PE (It is a high-end food vacuum bag with strong barrier performance), PA/PET/PE (three-layer composite vacuum food bag, better barrier, oil-proof, puncture resistance than PA/PE), pearl film/BOPP (bottle Labels are mostly selected, such as soft drinks, detergents, etc.), while PVC is a shrinkable plastic film that cannot be directly used to package products, but can be used to package bottles to make labels. 2. Specifications of food packaging bags: What I want to say here is that due to the different requirements of various manufacturers, some customers of the same size product may need to be looser and some want to be more compact, so customers need to be customized with the size. Manufacturers communicate and choose the most suitable specifications for their products. If customers choose general specifications, we will also provide you with transparent products such as vacuum bags at any time. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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