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Under the trend of high-end facial mask, the development trend of facial mask packaging bag

It is self-evident how important facial mask bags are to facial mask. Compared with the decorative effect of the surface, the storage and protection functions of the packaging bag are actually more important. But in fact, many people neglect this point by neglecting the basics. To a large extent, this is because they do not understand the packaging bag itself. First of all, let’s learn about aluminum foil bags. Aluminum foil bags are divided into aluminum plated bags and pure aluminum bags. The aluminized bag is used to evenly coat the high-purity metal aluminum on the plastic film under high temperature and vacuum. Pure aluminum bag is made of pure metal aluminum, which can be combined with plastics to improve the barrier, sealing, fragrance retention, shielding and other functions of plastics. Aluminum foil bag and aluminized bag can be distinguished by the following ways: 1. Look: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as aluminized bag, the reflectivity of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminized film, and the aluminized bag can give people a shadow, except for the extinction film aluminized bag. Appearance of the extinction film is similar to that of the aluminum foil. The opening of the bag can be blocked, and the inside of the bag can be seen through the strong light. The inside of the aluminum foil bag is not transparent, and the transparent is the aluminum plated bag. 2. Hand feel: The handle of aluminum foil bag is thick, straight, hard and heavy. The handle of aluminum foil bag is lighter and softer than that of aluminum foil bag. 3. Folding: Aluminum foil bags are easy to fold to form dead folds and dead marks, while aluminized bags will not fold to form dead folds and dead marks, and will rebound soon. 4. Twisting: after twisting, the aluminum foil bag is not easy to rebound, and the aluminum layer will break. After the aluminum coating bag is twisted, the kink will spring apart quickly, and the aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks. 5. Burning: the aluminum foil is not easy to burn with fire, the aluminum layer will roll back, and the aluminum foil package will leave gray aluminum slag after burning. When the aluminized film is burned, different plastic films can burn, and there is no residue of aluminum slag. At the beginning of facial mask packaging driven by function, the application of aluminum foil bags in facial mask packaging was mainly driven by functional demand. On the back of the facial mask, there is usually the word “avoid direct sunlight, place it at normal temperature and in a ventilated and dry place”, which also reflects that in order to maintain the activity and effect of the facial mask, the packaging of the facial mask must achieve the following basic functions: 1. Shading; 2. Barrier property; 3 Moisture resistance; 4 Cooling property. In general, aluminum foil bags can basically meet the above requirements. However, in a specific aspect, pure aluminum bags have greater advantages than aluminized bags. For example, pure aluminum bags have complete light shielding, while aluminized bags have only certain light shielding; Pure aluminum bags also have obvious advantages in barrier and cooling performance. In addition, the aluminum foil bag also has many characteristics: 1. It has strong air barrier performance, oxidation resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance. 2. Strong mechanical performance, high anti blasting performance, and strong puncture and tear resistance. 3. High temperature resistance (121 ℃), low temperature resistance (- 50 ℃), oil resistance and good fragrance retention performance. 4. It is non-toxic and tasteless, meeting the hygienic standards for food and drug packaging. 5. Good heat sealing performance, flexibility and high barrier performance. It is no wonder that the structural change from aluminized bags to pure aluminum bags has begun to appear in the market recently. The intense competition in the facial mask market has spread to the packaging industry. The structural transformation driven by high-end now has become a trend of high-end facial mask. In addition to excellent performance, the most intuitive reflection on aluminum foil bags is texture. Compared with aluminum plating, pure aluminum has a good metal texture, which is silver white and has reflective properties; Aluminum metal is soft and can be customized with different composite materials and thicknesses as required, which is in line with the pursuit of high-end products for thick and heavy quality, and is reflected in the packaging of high-end facial mask. From the basic functional requirements of facial mask bags at the beginning to the high-end requirements of performance and texture, it is the transformation from aluminized bags to pure aluminum bags, and it is the structural transformation requirements of facial mask packaging industry in the new era.

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