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Understand the difference between foil bags and composite bags

Aluminum foil bag is a kind of composite bag with aluminum foil composite bag. The unique characteristics of aluminum are made of aluminum and other high-barrier materials after dry test composite type. Key plastic films: PA, PET, OPP, which can be printed on the surface, and CPP, PE, which can be heat-sealed on the inner layer, and co-extruded. The materials, properties and performance of the two are different. Composite packaging bags, plastic packaging bags, aluminum foil bags with metal texture, high reflective surface working ability for heat and light, good barrier, strong maintenance, with the characteristics of airtight gas and water vapor, reasonably avoid moisture and vaporization of the contents, It is not easy to be damaged by germs and insects, has good appearance and reliability, and will not be harmed by changes in environmental humidity. A part of the aluminized film is selected to be shielded or passed through the column to obtain a random pattern design and a completely transparent part, so that consumers can see the packaging. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags, aluminum-platinum food bags, as one of the flexible packaging of food enterprises, food problems have always been concerned by everyone. The development trend of food enterprises is also developing rapidly, becoming one of the pillar industries, and the demand in the field of food packaging is increasing. The bigger, everyone has recently been concerned about degradable materials for food packaging. food bags, food packaging bags

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