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Use of food packaging bags!

There are more and more modern foods, and it is difficult to preserve their quality without packaging. The production of these modern foods also provides opportunities for the application and development of food packaging bags. Food packaging bag is a kind of composite plastic flexible packaging. Its main feature is that it can print various exquisite patterns without discoloration and delamination. It is suitable for freezer packaging bags, high-temperature cooking bags, and boiled bags. Just pay attention to the raw materials. The choice is good, the quality is no problem. Among them, food packaging bags are divided into many types of bags, such as three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back-sealing, five-side sealing, eight-side sealing, stand-up bag, suction bag and so on. Foreign countries have strict regulations on food packaging bags, which stipulate that ordinary food packaging bags cannot be used for food with a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius; the highest temperature that can be reached must be indicated on the food packaging. There are no domestic regulations in this regard, resulting in some unqualified food packaging bags that are harmful to health. 1. During lunch time, pedestrians are often seen carrying food in plastic bags. Most of these plastic packaging bags do not have QS certification, and quite a few are made of recycled plastics such as medical waste. Dyeing agents may be added during production, some contain organic dyes, and many contain aromatic hydrocarbons. Food bags, food packaging bags 2. Some are for sanitation to avoid the spread of bacteria, but if the unqualified plastic bags are decomposed by heat, the harm will be greater. This method is actually infeasible and the most hygienic and safe. The method is to sterilize the tableware, or bring your own tableware. [tea packaging bag]

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