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Use of fully biodegradable plastic bags

The fully degradable plastic bag, to put it bluntly, is a kind of plastic packaging bag made of compostable biodegradable plastic through production and processing. Fully degradable plastic bags can be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and other small molecular water within a certain period of time under the action of natural germs, bacteria and other microorganisms, and no harmful residues will be produced during the dissolution process.Nowadays, plastic pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the application of low-carbon environmentally friendly packaging bags has been implemented in many countries. With people’s liking for novelties, the intention of environmental protection is becoming more and more obvious, the application of fully degradable plastic bags will become more and more common, and the appearance will become more and more diversified. 1, Where do fully degradable plastic bags come from?The fully biodegradable plastic bags use bio-based as the board, and the raw materials are made from tapioca starch or corn flour, which are renewable energy sources that can be completely dissolved. Coupled with some modified starch raw materials with strong plasticity, tensile strength, temperature resistance and impact properties, the fully biodegradable plastic bags have excellent packaging functions and are widely used in clothing, clothing, decorations, food, etc. field.Main uses of fully biodegradable eco-friendly shopping bags 2, Where is the trend of fully degradable plastic bagsFully biodegradable bags will be converted into carbon dioxide, water and other small molecular water and exist in nature. While dissolution proceeds, it takes approximately180sky. The rapid development of fully biodegradable packaging bags is a major trend, and traditional plastic products will eventually be replaced by biodegradable products. 3, Fully degradable plastic bag universal bag typeAmong the fully degradable plastic bags, they have various designs, such as bone stickers, zippers, adhesives, etc., as well as kraft paper bags./PLAComposite packaging bag. The purpose is to make our products more convenient to use and more personalized.With more and more my country’s implementation of bans and restrictions on plastics, degradable plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags are well known. Nowadays, the world has actively formulated and adopted various countermeasures to face the problem of non-degradable packaging bags.


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