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Vacuum food packaging has advantages over ordinary food packaging

Food packaging bags are not only packaging materials for staple foods, but also packaging materials for non-staple foods, such as “kimchi” that can be seen everywhere. Kimchi is a well-known pickle, such as Chinese Sichuan mustard, Korean kimchi and so on. Korean kimchi can be made all year round. The ingredients are simple and only need fresh vegetables. Even fruits and seafood can be used to make kimchi. The Chinese method is to use more fresh vegetables and, if desired, some fruit. In China, many people like to pickle pickles, and the variety of pickles is the most, but pickles are not often eaten, because it is more troublesome to pickle, and chili peppers are needed. But for some friends who don’t know how to make kimchi and like to eat it, or who are too lazy to make it, they will go directly to the supermarket and other shopping malls to buy the already-made kimchi to eat, which is not only trouble-free but also early adopters. Therefore, food packaging bags are good materials for packaging prepared kimchi, and in such packaging bags, the taste of kimchi can be kept pure. Food bags, food packaging bags Compared with ordinary packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags have superior performance, which can not only prolong the shelf life of goods, but also ensure that their taste remains unchanged. This is because the packaging bag has a special function of use. For example, vacuum bag packaging must have very good sealing performance, that is, high barrier performance against air and moisture. The components of the barrier are water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, so that the goods can be protected in a completely isolated environment. This kind of high barrier properties The material is co-extruded film, which has relatively stable properties and has a very good resistance to moisture and oxygen. The vacuum packaging bag does not add harmful substances as additives in the manufacture, and will not cause pollution to the goods. In this regard, it is better than ordinary plastic bags.

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