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Visualized Aluminizing Process of Rice Packaging Bags

In the future, to meet the visual requirements of consumers for products, the visual aluminization process will continue to develop and mature under the requirements of the market. The visual aluminizing process has two processes: half-side aluminizing and aluminum washing. Both of these two processes are to obtain a local aluminized effect and obtain a local butable window. The difference is that the process methods are different.The process method of half-side aluminizing is to improve the process in the thin-film aluminizing process, and hollow out the position of the aluminum layer that needs to be boiled, without the need for mold protection on the aluminized layout, so as to form both a transparent part and an aluminized part. The aluminum film is then composited with the desired materials to form a composite film.The process of washing aluminum composite packaging film is to aluminize one layer of the printed film of the composite film, wash off the aluminum in some areas according to the design requirements, and then composite with other substrates.Both of these methods achieve the function of using an aluminum layer to set off the gloss of the printed pattern and using a hollow transparent window to display the contents. At present, these two processes have been used in the existing high-end rice packaging bags, which has greatly improved the product quality and achieved good shelf effects.

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