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Water-soluble fully biodegradable What is a degradable material?

Degradable plastic refers to a type of plastic whose various functions of the product can be considered for application regulations, the performance will not change during the warranty period, and after application, it can be decomposed into chemical substances that do not pollute the natural environment under the geographical environment standard. Therefore, it is also known as natural environment degradable plastic.There are a variety of new plastics: chemically degradable plastics, degradable plastics, light, air oxidation, microbial all-round soluble plastics, carbon dioxide-based microbial degradable plastics, thermosetting tapioca starch epoxy resin degradable plastics. The main main uses of degradable plastics are: agricultural film, various plastic packaging bags, plastic bags, large shopping mall packaging bags and disposable tableware, etc.Degradable materials include biodegradable materials and chemically degradable raw materials.Microbial degradable plastics produced by microbial strains, commonly known as bioplastics, include microbial polyesters, microbial fibers, nucleotides and polyamino acids, etc., and are a type of plastic that can be dissolved by microbial strains in nature. such as polylactic acid(PLA), tapioca starch plastic, etc. It should be noted that most of the tapioca starch plastics produced in my country at this stage are filled tapioca starch plastics, that is, a certain percentage of tapioca starch is added to the non-degradable fiber material.,The mechanical properties of all raw materials collapse due to the degradation of starch,Promote the exposure of many end groups to air oxidation and dissolution,but such”crash”in the extra part afterPE,pvcThese are unlikely to be dissolved and remain in the soil environment for a long time, which will naturally cause environmental pollution over time. Therefore, overseas countries classify this type of product as a replacement type.Photodegradable plastics are plastics that dissolve under the action of light. such as butadiene/carbon monoxide polymer (E/CO), methacrylates/Vinylphenothiazine polymers (Ecolyte)These.

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