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What are biodegradable materials, how to identify biodegradable materials

In China, with the implementation of mandatory garbage classification in the past two years, biodegradable materials have gradually become a hot concept. What is a biodegradable material and in what fields is it used? How can we identify this material?The development of PLA stic packaging bags in a green direction is closely related to people’s concern for environmental protection. Since the 1970s, many countries have begun to develop green PLA stic bags. due toPE,PPThe main polyolefin materials cannot be decomposed in a short period of time. Finally, through research, scientists have synthesized a series of polyester materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms, as well as some renewable resources.(Such as straw, bagasse, corn starch, etc.)Extract synthetic green materials to create a truly reliableTake a biodegradable green PLA stic bag.Biodegradable packaging bags must meet three conditions:First of all, it must be completely degradable, and the products are carbon dioxide and water;Second, under industrial composting conditions, the180Completely degrade within days;Third, after degradation, it does not produce any toxicity and has no impact on the environment.Biodegradable materials have been widely used in customized packaging bags, which can be processed in composting PLA nts, through30-45Day time into organic fertilizer. As early as the 1990s, western countries have begun to use biodegradable shopping bags and kitchen waste bags.Due to the short period of domestic use of biodegradable packaging bags, many customers who need to customize packaging bags do not know how to identify biodegradable packaging bags. Since the appearance of this kind of packaging bag is not significantly different from that of ordinary PLA stic bags, a series of standards have been issued internationally:ISO14855,EN13432,ASTM-D6400At present, there are three main types of internationally recognized certification marks:”OK Compost”,”Seedling”and”BPI”. Therefore, if there are these certification marks, it can be identified as a biodegradable packaging bag.

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