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What are biodegradable packaging bags?

5 Tips to Get Your Perfect Customized Biodegradable Packaging Bags

  1. What are biodegradable packaging bags?
  2. The applications of biodegradable packaging bags
  3. Biodegradable packaging bags features 
  4. Materials of biodegradable packaging bag 
  5. How Packyin custom biodegradable packaging bags

What are biodegradable packaging bags?

Biodegradable packaging bags are environmentally friendly flexible packaging bags made from materials that can be naturally decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria under certain conditions.       

Biodegradable packaging is also called compostable packaging.  

Biodegradable packaging bags are compostable  

Biodegradable packaging bags are the future of packaging bags. More and more countries will implement green packaging policies, which drive customers to come to Packyin for custom biodegradable bags.

The applications of biodegradable packaging bags     

Packyin’s biodegradable packaging bags are widely used for packaging food, cosmetics, medical, pet waste, and industrial packaging. Besides, the courier bags also use compostable packaging.

Packyin biodegradable packaging bags features  

  1. Waste reduction


  Biodegradable packaging bags are made of biological materials such as PLA since these materials are made from plants such as corn.


  Biodegradable packaging bags decompose over time and end up in landfills with less waste. Less space will be taken up, saving land for other projects, thus protecting our planet.


  2, Reusable and recyclable


  Compared with traditional plastics, compostable packaging from plants have a more malleable surface and is less fragile. All can be recycled.



3, Reduce pollution


  Biodegradable bags do not produce harmful substances in the process of natural decomposition, reducing pollution and protecting the environment.



  Packyin biodegradable packaging bag materials


  Biodegradable packaging bags can be made of various materials, including paper, PLA, PBS, and NK. Packyin can make these materials into different bags according to the needs of packaging and promotion. The main composition of Packyin’s compostable packaging is as follows.


    Kraft paper /PLA




  Kraft paper /NK /PLA


    PLA// NKME / PLA


    Kraft paper / NK / PBS


    Kraft paper / NKME /PBS


    NK /PBS


  Packyin biodegradable packaging bags custom process


  1. Order confirmation.


  After receiving your purchase order, Packyin will contact you and confirm every detail by email and phone. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone at any time.


  You will receive a preliminary proposal for a sales contract from Packyin within 24 hours, including material, size, colour, and add-ons. We will discuss and study it together. Confirm the requirements or properties of the compostable packaging you need. Together we work out the final contract. Signed by both parties to take effect.


  2. Make a payment transfer.


  After you sign the contract, you should arrange for a deposit payment. 


  Packyin will start the production process only after the payment is received.


  3. Raw material preparation.


  Our production department will prepare all raw materials, including valves, zippers, and spout add-on features.





   Printed on the raw material film with graphics designed by the brand.





  Since a single material has no production value, the lamination process can combine a single characteristic material into a new material with comprehensive performance and characteristics such as waterproof, moisture-proof, light-proof, and radiation-proof. So we often say that the composite process is the technical core of flexible packaging production.  



   6, ripening.


   After the lamination process, the biodegradable packaging bags can not be slit immediately because it needs 72 hours of maturation to be used in the next process. Ensuring that it is fully cooked is important. Otherwise, the composite layer may flake.


  7. Slitting.


  A slicer will cut the rolled composite to the exact width required for the sachet.


  Modified roll film slicing will help speed up the production process. Prevent material waste.


  8. Pouching.


  After loading the roll film onto the bag-making machine, the machine will make various shapes of bags. Various components are installed at the same time.


  9. QC (Quality Control System).


  Product quality is the basis for the long-term development of the company. Packyin has established a comprehensive quality control system to ensure that all goods meet quality standards.


  A. IQC: In-Line QC, during the whole production process, there will be 3 production engineers constantly checking every part of the production line. The machine has an automatic monitoring function, but we still arrange QC inspection to ensure 100% quality.


  B. FQC: Final QC: 1 QC to check each bag and select the non-conforming products.


  C. OQC: Shipping QC: Before encapsulating the export carton, we arrange shipping QC to do a 100% quality check and select the unqualified items.


  10. Packaging.



After the bags and pouches pass the complete QC process, they will be packed in bundles and put into transparent plastic bags. Bundles of pouches will be packed into corrugated cardboard boxes.



Customers can specify the number of pouches per box according to different sales methods and purposes. This way, the pouches will be packaged in custom cartons for this order. Packyin supports custom printing on cartons. Easy inventory management with low cost.




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