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What are the advantages and benefits of using a portable hydration bag?

There are indeed many benefits to using a portable water bag, which will be introduced one by one below.First, the portable water bag can replenish a small amount of water many times in time. Everyone knows that you can’t drink a lot of water at one time during exercise, because drinking a lot of water in an instant can easily cause a huge burden on the heart in an instant. Scientific research has found that the best way to replenish water during exercise is to15-20Minute replenishment100ml of water. And if the traditional water bottle is used to fill the water, it is difficult to guarantee this frequency. Because you have to stop, take out the water bottle, open the cap, take a sip, screw the cap, and retract it, every15-20Repeat every minute. I think most people can’t stand it. And hydration bags make drinking water easy at this point. every other15Minutes, pick up the hose and take a sip. It is convenient and controls the amount of water you drink.second,The nozzle bag can be deformed at will, which is relatively more space-saving. Since most water bottles are cylindrical or square, it is easy to form a gap between them when they are placed with other items. The hydration bag, on the other hand, is deformable so that it can be completely filled to fit the surrounding environment.third,Water bags are not afraid of being squeezed. Of course, we are talking about high-quality water bags. They are not afraid of being squeezed or bumped. The paint peels off at every turn.fourth,The odor of the water bag is very small, and it is not afraid of corrosion, so you can safely place all kinds of fruit juice and acidic beverages.fifth,The hydration bag takes up almost no space when not in use, and the empty hydration bag can be squashed. Tuck in any corner of your backpack.Sixth, the water bag can be frozen and will not easily burst. Some water bags are directly designed with a large opening, which is convenient for adding ice cubes in.Seventh, the water bag can be a hanging shower device when necessary. The easiest way is to use a water bag filled with water, put it in the sun for a period of time, the water will be hot, then hang it up, and use the water nozzle to spray water to shower.Having said so many benefits of water bags, in fact, there are many points that need to be paid attention to when using water bags.First,The most important thing to pay attention to when using the water bag is the water pipe tip. Especially when everyone goes out together and several bags fall together, don’t press the suction head, otherwise the water will flow out continuously.second,Pay attention to frequent cleaning, especially after filling the beverage, be sure to clear the water bag in time, otherwise the beverage will have peculiar smell after spoilage. As a result, the water bag always has a smell that cannot be removed.third,When filling, be careful not to place it with sharp metal objects such as knives and needles. Otherwise, the water bag will be punctured once it is filled with water. The consequences are very serious.fourth,Be very careful when choosing a brand. Compare

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