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What are the advantages of customized eight-side sealing bags?

Under normal circumstances, the current composite packaging bags have been almost integrated into our lives, and almost many composite packaging bags are used in the market. Today, the eight-sided sealed bag is more popular with everyone. We all know that the eight-sided sealed bag is mainly customized and processed. There is no stock, only orders can be accepted, and it is not suitable for customers with tight delivery time. There is a certain MOQ, which is not suitable for customers with small quantities. So what are the advantages of such a beautiful eight-side sealing bag customization? The following YLTpacking packaging will tell you the following points: 1. The eight-side sealing bag can stand stably in the customization, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts the attention of consumers; generally in many fields such as dried fruits, nuts, cute pets, and snack foods , 2. The eight-side sealing bag adopts a flexible packaging composite process, and the materials vary widely. According to the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of moisture and oxygen, the metal effect and the printing effect, the benefits are definitely greater than that of a single box; Eight print layouts, ample place to describe the product or language product sales, worldwide sales product promotion for use. Product information display is more complete. Let customers know more about your products. Four, eight-side sealing bag pre-press technology design strength, the bag can help customers choose the best product design scheme, help customers improve product quality, save costs, and maximize customer benefits, five, eight-side sealing zipper bags are equipped with Reusable zipper, consumers can re-open and close the zipper, the box is unmatched; the bag has a unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify, which is conducive to brand building; and can be printed in multiple colors, the product has a beautiful appearance and has a very good appearance. Strong publicity and promotion effect YLTpacking Friendly reminder: In fact, eight-sided sealing bags are also called flat bottom bags, square bags, folded bags, and three-dimensional bags, because the bottom of the finished product is flat, and the four edges can make the packaging more stable. “Stand”, more adhesion! On the side of the package, it can be expanded to increase the internal volume of the package, and the effect of a transparent window can be designed on the side. Of course, the perspective window effect can also be omitted! The square bag is named because the side of the eight-side sealing bag is unfolded, which is similar to the unfolding process at the bottom, and the specifications are also the same, so it is also called a square bag! If you need to customize the eight-sided sealing bag, you can contact the editor!

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