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What are the advantages of the new electronic shaftless gravure printing machine?

What are the advantages of the new electronic shaftless gravure printing machine? 1. The length of the paper path is greatly reduced by 20%, and the size of the equipment and the paper threading time are also reduced. Since each printing unit is driven by an independent motor, the compensation roller mechanism between the original two printing units can be omitted. The device appears more compact. 2. Very short pre-registration time. After adopting the electronic shaft system, the plate roller only needs to be installed in the printing unit at will without returning to the zero position, and then the servo motor will automatically rotate the plate roller to the zero position. The sensor detects the mark of the zero position, and its positioning accuracy can reach 1/100 of 1mm, and the repeatability is 1/10 of 1mm, so as to achieve high-precision pre-registration in the true sense. 3. High-precision high-speed registration. Since the electronic shaft system can control the relative positions of all plate rollers up to 4000 times per second, and the accuracy of position conversion is 1% of one revolution, the information exchange of the servo drive part completed by optical fiber has a rate of 10 million bits per second. The amount of information, the synchronization error factor is less than one second in two million, so the much higher register accuracy of mechanical shaft gravure printing can still be obtained at printing speeds of up to 600 m/s. 4. The unique re-printing function of the electronic axis can be used for over-printing with registration on the printed products, so that a six-color machine can also print products with twelve or more colors. 5. The printing plate roller no longer needs to set the incremental value, and it no longer needs to calculate the incremental value of the printing plate according to the thickness, stretchability and composite structure of the coil. 6. The noise during rotation and daily maintenance work are significantly reduced, and the driving surface of the equipment leaves more space for operation and maintenance. At the same time, the entire printing unit can be fully enclosed, thereby reducing the amount of solvent in the workshop. diffusion. The above are the advantages of the new electronic shaftless gravure printing machine. If you do not understand anything in the process of bag making, you can refer to the technical articles in,

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