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What are the basic characteristics of degradable plastic bags?

Degradable plastic bags are made of degradable biodegradable materials. PLA+PBAT is an important component of raw materials. It is no different from ordinary plastic bags in use, but has many advantages. Because PLA has anti-jun and anti-mildew properties, biodegradable plastic bags also have this function. The biodegradable packaging bag is harmless to the environment, can be biodegraded in the soil, and can be composted, and can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in the soil or under industrial composting conditions, becoming soil fertilizer, and will not cause wu to the environment. dye. Biodegradable plastic bags degrade into carbon dioxide and water in 180 days under natural soil or industrial compost conditions. Biodegradable material is an environmentally friendly product prepared from polyester biodegradable raw materials through special processing. It is harmless, anti-jun, anti-mildew, non-hazardous and compostable. Therefore, biodegradable plastic bags have the advantages of environmental protection. ?The advent of biodegradable packaging bags provides a strong guarantee for protecting the earth’s environment and cleaning the living space of human beings. Biodegradable packaging bags are favored by users at home and abroad. The degradable materials are mainly made of corn, cassava and other crop starches, which have excellent biodegradability. They can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil to generate CO2 and H2O within one year of disposal, and do not pollute the environment. After the biodegradable plastic bag is used and discarded, the microorganisms in the soil first erode the starch, and then because the starch part has been degraded into carbon dioxide and water, the main body of the degradable bag is broken into small fragments, which leads to the expansion of the surface area, promotes the growth of microorganisms, and shortens the degradation time of the packaging bag. Better to reduce wu pollution to the environment.

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