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What are the biodegradable materials for biodegradable PLA stic bags?

Biodegradable materials include polymer materials directly produced by biotechnology, such as polyhydroxyalkanoate(PHA)Wait;A class of materials obtained by polymerization of raw materials produced by biotechnology, such as polylactic acid( PLA ), polybutylene succinate(PBS), polyamino acid, etc.;In addition, there are starch-based biodegradable PLA stics, carbon dioxide copolymer aliphatic polycarbonate(APC)Wait.Starch-based biodegradable PLA stic is a PLA stic product made by blending starch with other polymers after modification and grafting reaction. It can re PLA ce general-purpose PLA stics in industry, and can be used as packaging materials, shockproof materials, Mulch, food containers, toys, etc. PLA It is a polymer material produced by polymerization of lactic acid as a raw material. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating, high strength, easy processing and excellent biocompatibility. The product can be completely degraded after use. Therefore, PLA It is a bio-environmental material that can truly achieve dual effects of ecology and economy. It is the most active and fastest-growing biodegradable PLA stic in recent years.Polybutylene succinate is obtained by polycondensation of succinic acid and butanediol. It is currently recognized as the best biodegradable PLA stic in the world. becausePBSExcellent comprehensive performance, reasonable cost performance, and extremely wide range of uses, can be used in packaging, tableware, cosmetic bottles and pharmaceutical bottles, disposable medical supplies, agricultural films, pesticide and fertilizer slow-release materials, biomedical polymer materials and other fields.Polyhydroxyalkanoate belongs to natural polymer polyester, which is a kind of intracellular polyester synthesized by many bacteria under specific conditions. has exceeded90genera of bacteria were found to synthesize more than150more than one structurePHAs. currently commercializedPHAsThe main products are polyhydroxybutyric acid(PHB), Copolymer of hydroxybutyric acid and hydroxyvaleric acid(PHBV)Copolymer of hydroxybutyric acid and hydroxycaproic acid(PHBHHx).

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