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What are the characteristics of a closed doctor blade system?

What are the characteristics of a closed doctor blade system? The basic features of the closed scraper system mainly include the following aspects: 1. Adopting a unique chamber structure and double-layer ink sealing design, the ink delivery effect is better, and the ink can be more energy-saving. 2. Effectively control the large amount of volatilization of the solvent in the ink, improve the working environment, and reduce air pollution. Since most of the areas where the ink is located are sealed, only a very small part in contact with the anilox roller is exposed, so the reduction is greatly reduced. the volatilization of the solvent. 3. Good adaptability to printing speed, regardless of the printing speed, the transfer amount of ink is fixed, so the printing quality is stable. Fourth, a combined scraper can be used, and the replacement of the scraper is fast and simple. Of course, there are still some problems in the closed scraper system. For example, the contact angle of the closed scraper and the degree of freedom of pressure are very small, and the uniformity of scraping ink is required to be high, and the sealing performance is required to be good, otherwise ink leakage will easily occur. , the cleaning operation after printing is more troublesome, especially the ink or varnish remaining in the dead corner is more difficult to remove, but the application of the automatic cleaning device solves this problem to a certain extent. More flexible packaging knowledge can be found in YLTpacking: ,

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