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What are the characteristics of anti-static aluminum foil packaging bags?

Generally speaking, the anti-static moisture-proof bag (aluminum foil packaging bag) has three functions of anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference and moisture-proof, Faraday electric cage structure, the average shielding barrier can reach 60db, and the electrostatic protection function is strong, and the inner layer is composed of pure metal aluminum , The resistivity is lower than 0.1Ω, the four-layer structure has strong composite ability, the sealing is firm, and it has good waterproof, oxygen resistance, light protection, and puncture resistance. It can be vacuumized and environmentally friendly printing according to customer needs. Anti-static aluminum foil bags are generally suitable for electronic product packaging with moisture-proof and anti-static requirements: various types of PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, and vacuum packaging of chemical raw materials and biological intermediates, etc. The surface resistance value is 108-1010Ω. food bags, food packaging bags

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