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What are the characteristics of degradable plastic bags? Which industries are they mainly used for?

In order to protect the earth and protect the common homeland of mankind, the concept of saving resources and reducing pollution is more and more recognized and accepted by everyone. In Spain, they will tax contaminated plastic this year at 0.45 euros per kilogram. Such contaminated plastics refer to single-use non-recyclable plastics. In my country, the Ministry of Commerce has made it clear that e-commerce companies in key areas must gradually stop using non-degradable plastic packaging bags. Biodegradable plastic bags are also strongly encouraged to be used in various industries. So, what are the characteristics of degradable packaging bags? Which industries are they mainly used for? Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn about this knowledge. Degradable plastic bags Degradable plastic bags, also known as environmentally friendly plastic bags, as the name implies, are made of degradable materials. The raw materials of these materials are sufficient and renewable, mainly corn and other organic plant starches. Biodegradable plastic bags can finally be decomposed into natural harmless carbon dioxide, water and minerals in special environments such as soil/high temperature and high humidity. It is equivalent to originating from nature and returning to nature, realizing the cycle in nature. As for the speed of decomposition, it takes only 72 days for the environmental protection plastic bags used in the Olympics to decompose, and the slowest is about 1 year to achieve complete degradation. The decomposition rate of traditional plastic bags is very different, and it takes hundreds or even thousands of years to fully degrade, which is the biggest difference between the two. Therefore, more and more people are calling for the use of degradable plastic bags to replace traditional plastic bags. In particular, the Civil Aviation Administration has clearly issued a document starting from 2022, prohibiting the provision of disposable non-degradable plastic bags and disposable non-degradable plastics and straws, stirring Bars, meal/cup sets, packaging bags, etc. This means that more and more degradable plastic bags will enter the domestic passenger aviation area. At present, degradable plastic bags are mainly used in supermarket shopping bags, logistics express packaging, disposable degradable tableware, pet poop bags and food packaging. It is believed that in the future, the application range will become wider and wider, and eventually all traditional plastic bags can be replaced. At present, the degradable plastic bags produced by our YLTpacking are selling well, and friends in need can consult us.

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