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What are the characteristics of easy tear packaging film

Ordinary plastic is easy to seal at the seal, and it takes strength to peel and open, and it is easy to spill objects or liquids, resulting in waste. It is difficult for many children to open the package, and parents need help to use it. Easy-tear film has low tear strength, and is easy to tear in both longitudinal and lateral directions after bag making. After using the easy-tear film, it is easier for consumers to open the package without affecting the sealing performance of the package. During the process of opening and peeling, the force is stable and smooth, opening is easier, and no objects or liquids are spilled, which can provide consumers with better The material is more suitable for children’s packaging and can provide better protection for children. The easy-tear film only needs a lower unsealing temperature, which is suitable for high-speed automatic packaging, and can reduce production costs while meeting the hygienic performance of medicines. Multi-layer co-extruded easy-tear film, mainly used for thermoforming stretch film for food and pharmaceutical packaging, in terms of heat sealing performance, peeling stability, and with various thermoforming stretch packaging machines, the user experience is better, and it is widely used by packaging companies. focus on. It is widely used in the packaging of marinated eggs, meat products and leisure food. PE easy-tear film packaging has excellent properties such as shading, moisture-proof, air-tightness and barrier, and is widely used in various types of food, medicine, cosmetics and other packaging. PE easy-tear film packaging is usually composed of OPP matte, PET, pure aluminum, and PE composite. For example, women’s common masks will use easy-to-tear films. In addition to applications in the packaging of daily necessities and pharmaceuticals, easy-to-tear films are widely used in agriculture, sheets, packaging bottles, electronic appliances, auto parts, and mechanical equipment.

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