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What are the characteristics of high temperature cooking bags

The retort pouches produced are made of multi-layer composite materials. The food can be left intact in the pouch. After being sterilized and heated at high temperature (usually at 120~135°C), it can be taken out and eaten. It is suitable for the packaging of meat and soy products. It is convenient, hygienic and Practical, and can well maintain the original flavor of food, more favored by consumers. The retort pouch is made of co-extruded composite material, which has one-time fusion, higher safety, high barrier, quality and fresh-keeping effect, and conforms to the requirements of the modern food industry. The company is one of the few manufacturers in the country that uses the co-extrusion compound method to produce co-extruded film materials through its own technical strength. It has exclusive advantages in technology, technology and price. The film produced by our company has the advantages of high vacuum degree, puncture resistance, good barrier property and long shelf life. The company has introduced multi-layer co-extrusion blown film production equipment, specializing in the production of water-cooled seven-layer co-extrusion high-barrier films. The production specifications are 160-1000mm*0.07-0.35mm, and there are two types of low-temperature freezing and high-temperature cooking vacuum high-barrier films. The frozen packaging is suitable for pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, goose, fish, shrimp and seafood -18 ℃ to -45°C freezer and fresh-keeping packaging; high temperature resistant to 121°C reverse pressure autoclave cooking, suitable for packaging all kinds of cooked meat products (chicken, duck, goose, pig’s trotter). The finished bag has the advantages of high strength, good transparency, and puncture resistance. It can be automatically bonded together in 80-degree water, so that customers can better prevent product leakage during use, and ensure the reduction of product return rates. It is a low temperature The most ideal packaging material for products. At the same time, it also solves the worries of customers using ordinary packaging bags. When the product is sterilized for the second time, the temperature is between 85°C and 90°C, and it can be automatically bonded together after 10 minutes of sterilization, which can better prevent the product from leaking, ensure that the product return rate is low, and the transparency is high. When the ordinary vacuum packaging bag is sterilized for the second time, the bag cannot be glued after the temperature is high, so the air leakage rate is very high during the distribution process. The MDPE low-viscosity vacuum packaging bag and packaging film developed by our company overcome the characteristics of non-pollution, high barrier, strong function, high strength, and strong puncture resistance, which can greatly extend the shelf life of your company’s products and keep food Original unique flavor. The product is of high quality and low price. Compared with dry composite packaging materials, the composite materials must be glued together. Among them, aromatic and aliphatic glues contain harmful substances, which can easily penetrate into meat products. Co-extruded high-barrier packaging materials are not used. Therefore, the contamination of food by harmful substances such as ester and benzene is prevented, and food safety is ensured without air leakage. The vacuum degree of co-extrusion high-barrier packaging can reach 100%, while the dry composite material is generally 90%.

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