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What are the characteristics of pearlescent film composite products?

What are the characteristics of pearlescent film composite products? Features of pearlescent film composite products ① Pearlescent composite products have excellent decorative properties. ② The product has good barrier properties, water resistance, gas resistance, and heat sealing performance, which can meet the needs of different levels. ③Low density, more economical to use. ④ There are a wide variety of composite materials, with good peel strength and apparent quality. ⑤The performance of the composite product remains unchanged at -50T, which does not affect the frost resistance of the product quality. It has excellent acid resistance and oil resistance. ⑥High heat-sealing strength, high-altitude drop test is carried out at a certain height, and the composite product is not damaged. ⑦Pearl film composite products are not suitable for high temperature cooking. ⑧Single-layer heat-sealing pearlescent film is not suitable for packaging heavy contents. ⑨Pearl film can be used for gravure printing, with good printing quality and stretch resistance, and high accuracy of graphic overprinting. More composite bags, all in YLTpacking:

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