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What are the characteristics of the eight-side sealing bag?

1)There are five printing layouts for the eight-side sealing bag, front, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom is completely different from traditional stand-up bags, stand-up bags or stand-up bags. The difference is that the bottom of the eight-side sealing bag is very flat, so that the text or pattern can be displayed flatly; so that the product can be better Show effect. 2)The composite flexible packaging material can be combined to exert different barrier effects through the water-permeable and oxygen-permeable barrier properties of different materials. In addition, plastic packaging is more durable and prolongs product quality than ordinary paper bags. 3)The eight-side-sealed packaging bag stands on the cargo scabbard, the square is flat, the standing is stable, the shelf display effect is better, and it is more attractive to consumers. 4)On the basis of the eight-side sealing bag, the zipper can be sealed, so that the product can still maintain the quality under the premise of multiple uses.5)Applicable to a wide range of high-end products such as snack food bags, dried fruit bags, pet food bags, etc.

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