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What are the characteristics of vacuum packaging bags

Vacuum packaging bags are particularly widely used in the food industry, because they can not only prolong the shelf life of food, but also prevent the invasion of bacteria.When packaging vacuum packaging bags, you only need to put the items in the vacuum packaging bags and pack them by heating exhaust or vacuuming. The difference between the two exhaust methods is that the heating exhaust is to exhaust the gas by thermally expanding the moisture of the package and the moisture of the air. Another method of vacuuming is to pump the air inside the bag through an aspirator. Such a method can reduce the heating time of the package without affecting the original shape of the article, especially food and articles with slow thermal conductivity.Features of vacuum packaging bags: 1. Part of the air inside the vacuum packaging is expelled, which can well prevent the food from spoiling. It can show good thermal conductivity even when it is sterilized by secondary heating. 2. Vacuum packaging bags are made of materials with good barrier and air tightness, so for food, it can well ensure the original taste of food.

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