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What are the classifications of degradable plastics

The meaning of degradable packaging bags is no longer a new vocabulary, so what are the classifications of degradable plastics? Next, let YLTPACKING take you to understand. Currently, degradable plastic bags are divided into the following four categories: 1. A degradable plastic bag adds absorbent material to the plastic, discards it and dissolves it in water. Mainly used for medical and health equipment (such as medical gloves), which are easily damaged and disinfected. 2. The photodegradable plastic bag is mixed with a photosensitizer to gradually decompose the plastic in the sunlight. It belongs to an earlier generation of degradable plastics, and its disadvantage is that the degradation time is unpredictable due to changes in sunlight and climate, so the degradation time cannot be controlled. 3. Biodegradable plastic bags are composed of microorganisms, including biopolyester, biocellulose, polysaccharide and polyurethane. It is a biodegradable plastic bag that can be distinguished by microorganisms in nature. 4. Photodegradable plastic bags are the product of the combination of photodegradation and microorganisms. It has dual properties of photodegradation and microbial degradation.

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