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What are the common bag types of composite packaging bags?

1.Middle-sealed bags, bags with a sealing line in the middle of the back of the bagCommon materials:OPP+CPPAluminized,OPP+PE, OPP+PEmilk white, OPP+CPPorCPPAluminized.If it is a three-layer composite bag, the common combination isOPP+PET+CPPorOPP+PET+CPP. 2.Elevator bags, the domestic and Japanese markets use this kind of bag more, let’s know a little about it.Common material combination of composite packaging bags: single layerOPP,single layerCPP, OPP+CPP,OPP+CPPAluminized.With self-adhesive stickers, with no self-adhesive stickers (flat mouth) 3.The wind kisses you bag: bottom organ bag and side organ bag, side organ bag is divided into side organ bag with middle seal and no middle seal.The commonly used material structures of composite packaging bags are:OPP+CPP,OPP+PEorPEmilk white,PET+CPP, PET+PEorPEMilkWhitePET+VMPET+PE, OPP+VMPET+PE,PET+VMPET+CPP,OPP+VMPET+CPP, PET+AL+PE,PET+NY+AL+PECommonly used material combinations are:Two-layer composite:OPP+CPP,OPP+VMCPP,PET+CPP, PET++VMCPP,OPP+PE.orPEmilk white,PET+PE,nylon +PE,Three-layer composite: PET+VMPET+PE,PET+VMPET+CPP,OPP+VMPET+PE,OPP+VMPET+CPP,PET+AL+CPP,OPP+AL+PE,OPP+AL+CPP,NY+AL+PEFour-layer composite: PET+NY+AL+PEThe material combinations of the above various composite packaging bags need to be accumulated slowly by themselves. The commonly used ones mentioned above also have special ones.The main process is: printing, compounding, slitting, folding, palm pressing, bag cutting.Not all bags go through all of the above processes.

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